Free SQL Script Generator by Pranas.NET is a freeware SQL Scripter program that generates SQL Server and SQL Server Express database scripts

Command-line options

Parameter name Description Example
-o path Sets output path. -o D:\folder\filename.sql
-s servername Sets MS SQL server address. -s .\SQLEXPRESS
-u user Sets MS SQL server login. If empty or isn't set used windows authentication. -u sa
-p password Sets MS SQL server password. -p xyz
-d databasename Sets MS SQL server database to script. -d pubs
-t table1 table2 table3 Sets list of scripting tables. -t dbo.Customers Sales.Store
-tall Scripts all tables. -tall
-td Sets option for tables data scripting. -td
-ts Sets option for tables structure scripting. -ts
-sallobj Script all database objects. -sallobj
-sfk Script foreign keys. -sfk
-ssp Script stored procedures. -ssp
-str Script triggers. -str
-sv Script views. -sv
-sfn Script functions. -sfn
-scdb Script create database. -scdb
-su Script users. -su
-sr Script roles. -sr
-sur Script users in roles. -sur
-ssch Script schemes. -ssch
-sut Script user defined types. -sut
-spp Script principal permissions. -spp
-sdbtr Script database triggers. -sdbtr
-schc Script check constraints. -schc
-sxmli Script xml indexes -sxmli
-ex Exit when finish. -ex
-h Hide window. -h
-r Run scripting. -r
-? Prints to console command line parameters table. -?


Script all tables

SqlScriptGenerator -s .\SQLEXPRESS -d Northwind -tall -ts -td -o C:\your-folder\filename.sql

Script all tables and objects

SqlScriptGenerator -s .\SQLEXPRESS -d Northwind -tall -ts -td -sallobj -o C:\your-folder\filename.sql

Script from command-line

SqlScriptGenerator -s .\SQLEXPRESS -d Northwind -tall -ts -td -sallobj -r -h -ex -o C:\your-folder\filename.sql

Enter a parameter with spaces

SqlScriptGenerator -s .\SQLEXPRESS -d "My database" -tall -ts -td -sallobj -r -h -ex -o C:\your-folder\filename.sql



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