Free SQL Script Generator by Pranas.NET is a freeware SQL Scripter program that generates SQL Server and SQL Server Express database scripts


SqlScriptGenerator is the most straightforward tool to automate the script generation of SQL Server database of any edition (except non-supported SQL Server 2000). Below you can find what SQL objects and features are supported by SqlScriptGenerator

MS SQL Server objects & features Supported
Database creation with its properties (collate, compatibility, fulltext indexes, ANSI padding, ANSI warnings, arithabort, autoclose, auto create statistics, auto shrink, auto update statistics, set cursore close on commit, set cursor default, concat null yields nulls, numeric round abort, quoted identifier, recursive triggers, broker, auto update statistics async, date correlation optimization, trustworthy, allow snapshot isolation, parametrization, readonly, recovery, page verify, db changing)
Database roles
Database schemas
Database users
Database tables structure (tables with columns, their datatypes, identities, unique constraints, collation, persisted, not for replication, allow nulls, computed columns and computing expressions)
Tables data
Foreign keys and relations
Table triggers
Database triggers
Database stored procedures
Database user functions
Database views
User defined data types
Principal Permissions
Users to roles mapping
Check constraints
Database xml entities
Database diagrams
Fulltext catalogs
Fulltext indexes
Extended properties
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